appSubscriptionCreate - How to have Time-based (recurring) charges that adapt to usage ?

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Hello 😊

I am creating a Shopify app. I am at the point where i should bill the merchant for the service my app provides. My app provides Merchant the possibility for them to sell a digital product to the EndCustomer.

My business model would look like :
- Free : up to 25 digital products sold per month
- 10$/month + 1% commision fee : up to 50 digital products sold per month

- 50$/month + 1% commision fee : up to 100 digital products sold per month

- 100$/month + 1% commision fee : more than 500 digital products sold per month


I can easily managed the 1% commission fee through Usage-Charge.

But, how can I acheive to bill 10$, 50$ or 100$ based on the monthly usage ?

I understand that I can have a combined Time-based + Usage-based charges. But I would like to avoid friction with the Merchant, by that I mean that I would like the recurring charge to automatically adapt each month
To do so, I had the idea to only bill Usage-based charges. Meaning handling on my backend side, a monthly routine that would check each month the number of digital products sold and charge the equivalent amount  (10$, 50$ or 100$).

I sent my app for review and been rejected, one of the reason was : "Update your pricing information to include all pricing options such as, free trial time and charge details to comply with our requirements.". 
How do you understand this sentence ? Does it implies that I cant bill merchant with Usage-charges for a recurring amount ? Or that means that I juste need to be clearer in the "Additional charge information and terms" ?

Thanks in advance 

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