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Billing API capped amount for free plan

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Hi everyone, 

we've got 4 plan and one of those is free.


while calling the billing api it seems impossible to set a price of 0$ without a capped amount (a minimum of .5$).

this doesn't make sense to me, i've seen other apps with a free plan and other paid plans without these strange behavior.


what's the flow to create a free plan and some paid plans without using the capped amount?



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Hey @mrcnee 


If they're select the free plan, you could skip the recurringApplicationCharge all together.


If they select a paid plan, create a recurringApplicationCharge with the plan name and price:


  "recurring_application_charge": {
    "name": "Super Duper Plan",
    "price": 10.0,
    "return_url": ""


Scott | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 

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Hi, how can you show that a merchant can switch from a paid plan back to the free plan? I guess this must be done by cancelling the charge? 

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