Billing API exemption form timeline question

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Hey! Approximately how long does it take to get a response on a Billing API exemption form? We’re really close to submitting our app for review and don’t want to impede how long it’ll take to get to customers. Is there a way to expedite at all?


Is there any way we can submit our app for review while we wait to hear an answer on the exemption form?


We are an app that donates money to charities and are basically the intermediary. Do you have any gut or intuition feeling on whether not we’d be able to be exempt based on this situation?

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@ModernEarth hello, did you get any info about your question?

did you get a Billing API exemption form?

Could you please advise me on this issue? and the whole process of paying to shopify not through shopify billing api? 

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Also wondering about this. But in my case it took about 2.5-3 weeks to receive a rejection email.

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Hi, how's your app doing? 

Could you please let me know about your request for Billing Api Exemption? Haven't been able to find it anywhere, and the customer services just send us to here to post questions