Does a connector app need to use the Billing API?

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we are building a connector App that will just work in the background and sync some catalog data we have, with our user's Shopify catalog. So essentially the only reason we have the app is to allow for some data sync between our Web site and the users Shopify store. 

We wonder if in this case we also need to use the Billing API? since users will not actually interact with the app at all, and also we plan to not charge anything for this connector app from our users


for reference this app will be similar to the quickbooks connector app:

where it is really just a background connector and does not have any presence on the users shopify store. 


We need to know why and if the Billing API would be needed assuming that:

1. all our users will already be existing members of our website

2. the app will just be used to get an API key from shopify to sync the catalog

3. we plan to charge nothing from our users to install this app. 


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This is something I would really like to know. 

We are currently in the same situation, where we have our App complete and ready for approval, but we have been exchanging e-mails with Shopify because they do require us to use the billing API, while we provide our App as a bridge between Shopify and our platform, not charging anything for the app usage. 

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we are also experiencing this issue. just wanted to know if you were still required by Shopify to use their billing API or were you able to get an exemption?