Re: Money charged to my account twice

Money charged to my account twice

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Hi, I am not sure why but money was charged twice to a PayPal account of mine, which is weird since I only have a credit card set onto my account, I have been charged for 53 dollars which was charged to the credit card and then 42 which was charged to my PayPal? I’m not sure why I was charged twice and it’s very frustrating, and I was wondering if I’d be able to get refunded for both and pause my account, 

acount: dollieshop 

Account link:

Please let me know what other information you need 

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Hello @Dollielol7 

I understand your frustrations and what you have been going through, but to assist you I will like you to contact the Shopify support about this issue and you contact Paypal support as well. To know exactly where the problems comes from. 


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Do you know how I can contact them I tried but I can’t find