Recurring application charge discount

Recurring application charge discount

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We have an app which uses recurring application charges. We would like to provide for our first customers a 50% discount for 3 months. How can we implement this by using recurring application charge API?

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Hey there,


There's no native property that allows you to offer a discount for a set period of time, similar to how we allow you to include a free trial with your RecurringApplicationCharge using the `trial_days` property.


In order to implement this using our Billing API you will have have to create an initial RecurringApplicationCharge with the discounted rate, and then after your promotional period of 3 months, create a new RecurringApplicationCharge with the standard rate. 


They will have to accept the charge again after the 3-month period, but that is typically the most common approach as you can't have more than one active RecurringApplicationCharge at a time.

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Hi @Zameer, has the situation changed? I am looking at documentation and it does not seem to work.