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Hello Shopify Community.

I am the developer and need to get some assitance here. We have the layway platform site that uses Stripe.We don't use Shopify checkout and any user info from Shopify. 

The sense of the app we're developing and wanted to submit is that we add the button on the product page "Layway with ..."

and clicking on that button user is redirected to our site to select the plan he wants, to add shiping info and make purchase

so basically we just pull product info (weight, size etc) from Shopify API and that's it

all other stuff is done on our site (like 5 steps of purchasing the product)

So can you clarify, is that possible to submit such knd of app?

It's very important for us to get the reply

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Hi! I hope you are doing well- also that this answer provides some support to your inquiry.

“ So can you clarify, is that possible to submit such knd of app?”

The short answer but most direct is, not necessarily. Without making the App to function within Shopify and fully utilizing the Shopify API and Billing API- may imply that your App is acting in the benefits of a 3rd Party.

I would advise to review the Shopify App Documentation regarding the use of the Shopify API and also the newest update for the Billing API.

Hope this helps!