Shopify Remix App - Usage Based Pricing

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I'm building a Shopify App using the remix app template which will have usage based pricing based on the number of objects created and published by the merchant. So for example if the merchant creates 150 objects they will be charged for the 150 objects every month.


I've followed the documentation here: and created a plan with a lineItem with the interval set too




lineItems: [
        amount: 0.05,
        currencyCode: 'USD',
        interval: BillingInterval.Usage,




But I can't find any further information from this point on how to apply this charge based on the merchants usage each month. Has anyone successfully setup usage based pricing in a remix app which can shed some light on how best to approach this?

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I am stuck at the same stage. If anyone can help ? 
requirement: i want to create a recurring charge of amount 0 that will be accepted post installation and then based upon usage i will be updating the the amount before billing each month.