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ShopifyAPI ApplicationCharge Bad Request

Shopify Partner
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Hi all! Recently we've seen a few errors with our app when attempting to use the ShopifyAPI on version

2023-07 to make an Application Charge. We are running



ShopifyAPI::Auth::Session.temp(shop: shop_domain, access_token: access_token) do
    charge = = name
    charge.price = price
    charge.return_url = return_url!



Sometimes the `!` throws



Empty input (after ) at line 1, column 1 [parse.c:1081] in 'Bad Request



To me this looks like the response we're getting is a Bad Request error, however I have no idea how that could be generated. If the price were under $0.5 we'd be getting a 500, if the access token no longer worked or the domain were wrong I don't think we'd get a Bad Request response either. Would love some help on this, since everything works locally and the docs make me think we're not doing anything crazy.

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