A guide to Shopify POS Launch and Operations success

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Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Look no further than the latest learning path and assessment, Shopify POS Launch and Operations. In this comprehensive learning path, Shopify Academy will help empower you to set up Shopify POS hardware and operations, paving the way for a successful retail journey.


Prepare for success with Shopify Academy

Learn how to migrate data, set up and configure hardware and payments, and plan for smooth unified commerce experiences across inventory, staff management, and operations. These five new free courses are designed to help you create seamless omnichannel shopping experiences.


What you’ll learn 

  • POS Setup and Configuration (35 mins)
    - Overview of integrating POS into an existing Shopify store
    - Retail launch support from Shopify
    - Migrating data and configuring admin settings
    - Setting up Shopify POS and troubleshooting
  • Hardware and Payments (60 mins)
    - Shopify POS hardware options and configurations
    - Core offerings for hardware and payments
    - Periphery hardware and accessories
  • Training and Managing Staff (25 mins)
    - Key training topics
    - Staff management solutions and features
  • Operations (55 mins)
    - Effective unified commerce selling
    - Inventory management processes
    - Checkout workflow tasks
  • Optimization and Growth (49 mins)
    - Customer management features
    - Using Shopify POS analytics to optimize operations
    - Extending functionality through apps
    - Marketing

Discover the possibilities with Shopify POS

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your retail know-how and dive into Shopify POS with Shopify Academy. Empower yourself to succeed in the world of unified commerce, and to grow your retail business with confidence today. 


Happy learning and happy selling! 🚀🛒

Note: For more detailed information and to enroll in the courses, visit Shopify Academy.

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