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One key component to running a successful online business is having clear and comprehensive store policies. Having effective store policies available for your customers to view can help:



Policies are an important aspect of any online business as they help protect both the store owner and customers - Making it easier for customers to understand their order details and the process for resolving any issues that may arise. 


We recommend you have policies available on your online store regarding your shipping, refund processes and how your customers can get in touch with the business. These are topics that customers are especially concerned about with the aspect of online shopping.


Creating online store policies


Identify the policies that you may want to create for your online store. Some examples of online store policies are:


  • Privacy policy
  • Refund policy
  • Shipping policy
  • Terms of service
  • Contact Us page 

To add or generate store policies, navigate to Settings > Policies.




When writing your store policies, try your best to use simple, concise language that your customer can understand.If you’re unsure of where to start, then you can generate a template from within the admin.

Make sure to include specific details as your policies should cover information such as, your refund and return policy, shipping and delivery processes and timing, payment options, how you handle personal information and any other important information related to your business.


How to add store policies to your store


Remember - transparency is key. Once you have created your store policies, you will need to add them to your online store for your visitors or customers to access and view.


Where you add your policies will be up to you! Most businesses will include their policies in the footer menu of their website. Doing so helps declutter the main navigation, while still providing customers with relevant information. 


If you are using a theme that is designed and supported by Shopify, then the policies will be automatically added to the footer menu. If you are unable to find the policies listed in your store, then you will need to update your navigation menu to include them.


To add store policies to your online store, navigate to Settings > Navigation and select the name of the menu where you would like to add the policy. 




After you have selected the menu, select Add menu item to add your store policies to the navigation menu. 






Displaying store policies on an online store serves multiple purposes, including setting clear expectations for customers, building trust with shopping and protecting the business from potential legal disputes and help promote your brand credibility. 


By effectively communicating your store policies, you may also be able to create a more positive shopping experience for your customers and build a reputable business that customers will want to return to.


Want to go the extra mile? Consider adding a checkbox to your cart page to ensure customers have read and agreed to your policies. Our Community post has more information - this is an advanced tutorial, so if you don’t feel comfortable making these changes or the steps don’t fully align with the coding of your theme, then consider hiring a Shopify Expert to help you get this added.


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