Community Connect: Recap April 24’

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In April, we introduced two new certification courses, collected valuable store feedback, and explored buyer experiences. 


We invite you to join us and discover learning opportunities, understand how to enhance the shopping experience, or simply stay informed about the latest trends on Shopify. 


Dive in to catch up on all the exciting developments.



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New GraphQL product APIs: 2024-04 stable API release

Our brand-spanking-new GraphQL product APIs now support an incredible 2,000 variants per product!  


Check out the details and don't hesitate to sprinkle your thoughts, questions, or even a bit of your nerd excitement over on our New Products API community board


Shopify Academy: Shopify POS Launch and Operations



We’re excited  to announce our new learning path and certification: A guide to Shopify POS Launch and Operations success!


This training covers Shopify POS setup, including: 

  • Integration with existing stores 
  • Hardware configuration
  • Staff training. 


You will also learn essential operations such as: 

  • Inventory management 
  • Checkout workflows
  • Growth strategies using Shopify analytics and marketing tools.


Visit the Learning Path: Shopify POS Launch and Operations to boost your expertise in retail operations and grow your business using Shopify POS.


Shopify Academy: Liquid to Hydrogen Migration

In this new course, you will learn about the big "why" and the even bigger "how" for merchants considering transitioning  from a Liquid storefront to Hydrogen.


  • Why makes the switch? 
  • What should a merchant consider before making the move? 


Explore all that, plus the steps for a smooth transition. You can also expect to discover the method of rerouting customer traffic and why managing the migration in bite-sized pieces can be the key to success. 


Register now for  Liquid to Hydrogen Migration - It’s free!


Community Webinar: Feedback on My Store

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Thank you to everyone who joined our Shopify Community Webinar on My Store Feedback, available in English, French, and Japanese. 


We hope the tips provided will benefit not just the submitted stores but also spark some ideas to your own store. Click below to join us and learn more in your preferred languages: 



If you would like your store to be reviewed in our next session, please subscribe to our Community AMAs (Ask Me Anything) board to participate in our upcoming event!



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A big shout-out to our top contributors for generously investing their time and sharing knowledge in the community. 


Your efforts to help solve members’ inquires truly embody the spirit of our community. We appreciate you! 


Most Solutions Provided:



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Discussion Highlights

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We love questions. Your inquires pave the way for better business opportunities. 


That’s precisely what our community is here for. We believe in the power of collective growth - it takes a community to elevate each other’s businesses.

Here are some interaction we’d like to highlight:







Featured Blogs

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In April, we conducted some insightful interviews with Shopify partners and merchants. 


They shared their approach to tackle both anticipated and unexpected challenges. The interviews highlighted how this mindset fueled their business growth and professional development. 


We got asked a lot for this question,  “Why no sales even with traffic?” The reasons might include product pricing, customer trust, or a lack of product-market fits.  


Our blog in April delved into customer experience, focusing on aspects like the checkout experience, store load speed, and customer privacy policies. 


Feel free to use translation tools for an English reading experience, or leave a comment to let us know what topics you wish to read about in English. 




Other languages: 


Stay in the Know

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That wraps up April for Community, folks.  Until next time, have fun learning!


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