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In May, we celebrated our community's amazing collaborative spirit.


You asked, and the community delivered. Find out how to refresh your theme, get store launch checklists, and tweak your SEO strategies and product pages.


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A heartfelt thank you to our top contributors for generously dedicating their time and sharing their knowledge with the community. Your commitment to addressing members' inquiries truly captures the essence of our community spirit. We deeply appreciate you!


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Discussion Highlights

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We thrive on your questions. They’re the seeds that grow into blossoming business opportunities. That’s the essence of our community.


We believe that growth is a team sport - together, we elevate everyone’s game.


Now, let’s spotlight some of our favorite interactions:


  • Increasing the store name size and colour
    • Thinking to brighten up your store name with some visual elements? Adjusting the size of your store name and adding a splash of  color can freshen up your business name as long as it fits your brand voice. Check out the CSS scripts available in this thread.



  • Making this 'Sale' category red just the heading
    • It's a great practice to create an emotional experience with promotions or sales. You want to grab your customers’ attention right away when they land on your storefront. Color-coding your ON SALE collection works wonders because human eyes are naturally drawn to standout color. Join this thread to learn how to do it. 


  • Hiding out of stock variants
    • Out-of-stock variants might cause customers to delay their buying decision, thinking, "Should I wait for a restock of my favorite color?" You do not want to put your customers through that decision dilemma. Here's a quick and dirty CSS code snippet to hide the out-of-stock variants on product pages. Note that the theme in question is Canopy. Always check if your theme offers this option out of box. Feel free to engage with the community if you need more help.


  • linking a PDF document to an image using metafield on product pages
    • Ever thought about linking a manual of your product to a clickable image? Truth be told, this approach can be handy for brochures, flyers, certificates, compliance documents, custom order forms, design templates, lookbooks, style guides, portfolios, case studies, event tickets, programs, and more. Review this thread to take a peek at the CSS code that makes it possible. 


Featured Blogs

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Our blog covered key elements of launching a new online store: costs, domains, themes, and shipping setup. Once your store is up and running, it's time to look at expanding into new markets. Translation and SEO will be your best friends on this journey.


Use translation tools to enjoy our content in English, or drop a comment to let us know what topics you wish to see  in English. 




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There you have it - our Community highlights in May.  Until next time, have fun learning!

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