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We are excited to bring you the latest features and community updates from September. Best of all, after reading this newsletter you will be walking away with tons of tips and tools to plan your Black Friday / Cyber Monday (BFCM) campaign ahead of the holiday season.


Notes from the Community team 

We wanted to share some high-level updates of interest as we all get prepared for BFCM and holiday events!  


🛠 Reporting Spam and Abuse

Never hesitate to use the Report button shown on all posts and messages if you receive spammy content such as someone asking you to contact them directly. 




We have a zero tolerance policy for spam, and while we are continuously identifying and removing spam, we appreciate your help in flagging questionable content. By reporting spammy content, you play a key role in helping us maintain a safe and inclusive space where everybody can grow with the shared knowledge! 


🤖 Using AI in the Shopify Community

We love AI and think it's a great way for people to learn and build on their current knowledge. Unfortunately, AI-generated replies have been creating a subpar experience for our members. 

To help set expectations as it relates to AI in the community, check out this blog post to learn more! 


💬 New Social Sharing Options

Interested in sharing a topic, reply, or blog post with someone? You can easily share it via email, your favorite social networks, or simply copy the link with just one. To try it out, look for the new social share icon shown in the top right corner of the content. 




Product Release 

🎁 Manage Gift Cards with added “Gift Card ID” column in reports

Have you ever wondered how your customers have been using their gift cards? Well, now you can find out through Shopify Analytics in your store admin. With the newly added “Gift Card ID” column to your reports, you will have a clearer view of which gift cards were used for specific order and by which customer.


📦 Storefront API support for product bundles

Calling merchants using Hydrogen or the Storefront API through the Headless Channel in the admin! We have exiting news for you all! The latest offer of providing product bundles has landed. With our free Shopify Bundle app, creating a custom bundle offering and increasing your average order value is a breeze. Looking for more bundle support? Try any of these updated bundle apps. And for those with Shopify Plus or Shopify partners, feel free to try your hand at our APIs


🚀 POS Go now available in the UK and Ireland

The POS Go for Shopify POS is an all-in-one mobile POS device that serves as a POS station, barcode scanner, and card reader. It enables you to easily process transactions without the hassle of additional hardware, literally taking your customer experience to the next level. It’s now available in the UK and Ireland in addition to the United States and Canada. 



Community Events

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🎄 BFCM Webinar: How to market a flash sale in Shopify

No BFCM campaign planning can be marked complete without understanding how to successfully market a flash sale. Marketing your flash sale effectively can be the difference between success and failure. Join us and revisit our webinar to gain valuable insights on how to tackle flash sale marketing head-on!


🌍 What’s New Webinar: Demo for EMEA | Shopify Editions Summer ‘23

Remember we released 100+ features with Shopify Editions Summer ‘23? If you are on Plus plan, this is a must-watch! In this 30-minute session, you will learn how to connect customers to boost conversion, streamline your daily operations using AI, and personalize your customer experience through our B2B tools and storefront contextualization. 



Featured Topic

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We have picked out some checkout-related threads to support your planning for the coming BFCM sales campaigns. A big shout-out to the members who actively share their use cases and experiences with new features. If you find any of those topics helpful, make sure you click that Like button!


Now, you can add automatic free shipping discounts straight from your store admin, without relying on code snippets or any third-party apps. Discover the use cases and join the chat in New Feature - Automatic Free Shipping Discount Is Now Available by @PaulNewton. In case you have not read the instructions, find out our step-by-step tutorials at our Help Center.


Curious about your options to set up Multi Currency Gift Cards? Check out the suggested apps. And remember, you can always explore more possibilities on our app store



Highlighted Blogs

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If you are seeking expert tips from a Shopify perspective or inspiring success stories from fellow Shopify merchants, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at our language-specific blogs and uncover a wealth of insights. 



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