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Welcome to the Shopify Community! We're happy to have you here!


This is a space where you can get advice from Shopify Employees, Partners, Experts, and other store owners. Here are some tips to make your experience in the Shopify Community more fruitful.


Search First:




Before you post, try to find an existing solution in the Community. Use keywords related to your issue in the search box. If you see a green checkmark next to a topic, it means there's a solution in that thread. You might find answers to many problems by using the title of your post or the description in the search box. Linking to similar problems can also provide more context for your issue.


Starting a New Thread:


If you can't find an answer, start a new thread instead of adding to an old one. Old threads may not be actively watched. If an old thread is related to your issue, mention it in your new post. Make sure to choose the right board for your question.


Choosing a Subject:


Your subject line should clearly describe your issue. Instead of saying "I need help," be specific, like "My Online Store Isn't Working." Avoid using ALL CAPS, as it might discourage people from helping.


Writing the Body:




When asking a question, it's crucial to provide as much information as possible. This helps others understand your issue better and reduces the need for follow-up questions. Always include a link to your online store and explain what you need help with. For instance, if you're having trouble with payments or refunds, mention which payment gateway you're using.


  • If you're facing a problem with your Shopify account, your post should include:
  • A link to your Shopify store and, if relevant, the page, product, or collection causing problems.
  • When the problem started.
  • A detailed description of the problem.
  • Screenshots or screen recordings of the problem.
  • Any recent changes you've made to your store, like adding new apps or changing your theme.
  • Whether the problem happens on other browsers or devices.


Different issues require different information. For example, if you're having trouble with a theme, tell us the theme's name, its version, and give us a link to the page causing problems. Always include the theme name, storefront password, and optionally link to the developers' theme documentation or demo website. If you're having a product issue in a theme, link to that product, not just the homepage.


Remember, the forums can be an incredibly valuable tool in solving problems. To get the most out of it and improve responses, consider the following:


  • Frame your problem in a way that others, who don't know what you know, can understand. Don't make others dig.
  • State your goal as soon as possible to avoid the XY-problem.
  • If the problem is complex, provide reproduction steps.
  • If you find similar problems but whose solutions don't quite fit, link to them. People are more likely to help those who show their work.
  • For technical issues, try to link to the relevant Shopify help or development docs.
  • If you have error codes, provide them in text or formatted code blocks.
  • Avoid using ONLY screenshots. If there is text in the screenshot, copy the words out to real text. Avoid attaching zip files or proprietary file formats, such as adding a zip, PDF, or a PowerPoint of a series of images. Don't make others dig. Long unformatted walls of text or code can make a post get ignored.
  • Avoid asking for legal advice.


If you find yourself stuck or not getting responses, consider reading advanced methods on solving problems to improve your problem statements and overall process for getting solutions.


Following Up:




After you post a topic, keep up with the responses. If many people are replying, use the Quote feature to make your topic easier to follow. To do this, click Reply on the post you want to respond to, then click Quote.


If you solve the problem, click Accept as Solution on the reply that helped. If you solved the problem yourself, tell us how you did it and mark your reply as the Solution. This lets others know that the issue is resolved and helps people who have the same problem.


If you get spam replies such as "I can help, contact me" or other promotional style messaging, please use the report button! It helps to keep our Community safe and ensures that everyone is adhering to our Code of Conduct and Community Guidelines.



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