How to Launch A Career With Community Forums: Talking with Emmanuel Flossie of FeedArmy

Shopify Staff


How can you turn a hobby into a career? 


That’s what Emmanuel did while working as a warehouse worker in Kent, United Kingdom when his former bosses requested a favor with their website. 


They needed some tweaking done to their current site and wondered if Emmanuel was capable of completing the task. What started as a one-off opportunity to impress his boss opened up various doors that have now developed into a career in advertising with a specialty in Google Ads. 


While Emmanuel started with limited website development knowledge, his bosses were impressed enough to offer him a part-time position developing a brand-new site for the company. 


While undertaking this new, exciting role, he seized the opportunity to learn on the job to expand his knowledge and gain more skills. Once again, his career pivoted when his employers entrusted him with marketing and advertising the site. 


Of course, to be successful in today's market, traditional advertising and a strong presence on Google are necessary for success. You can have the best store on the internet, but if no one knows it’s there it won’t be successful. This is where Emmanuel comes in.


From researching target markets for Google Ads to creating rock-solid SEO, Emmanuel has helped hundreds increase sales due to what he learned when becoming a Google Ads Expert; a certificate that was pivotal for him finding success in digital marketing.




In 2016, Emmanuel joined the Google Ads Expert Program where he answered thousands of questions in the Google Ads Forums. Eventually, an individual used the Google Ads Community for help to answer a question in Shopify’s Community Forums. 


He joined the Shopify Community to provide the support that was needed. Over time he found that many of the answers in the Shopify Community that related to Google Shopping were either incomplete or very wrong. This expanded into checking the Shopify Community every day to assist merchants.

During this period, Emmanuel learned that merchants constantly needed someone specializing in Google Shopping. Thus, he naturally joined the Shopify Partner program


He took this opportunity to develop fundamental scripts for tracking, remarketing, structured data, and more. The Shopify Community allows him to flex his skills, dive into new and exciting tasks and build relationships with merchants and partners worldwide. 


If there’s anything we can learn from Emmanuel, it is that it is never too late to try your hand at something new and challenge yourself to grow your skills. Whether it be helping a friend with a task or simply replying to a stranger in an online forum; the possibilities are endless. 


What’s holding you back? 


Looking to learn more about setting up and building the perfect campaign on the Google Shopping channel? Then stay tuned for part 2 where Emmanuel provides great insight into what it takes to create an effective campaign. 

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