How to Troubleshoot: Products Aren't Displaying in Your Collection

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Have you created a collection on your online store and experienced an issue with adding your products to the collection, or you were unable to find your products within an existing collection? Follow this guide to find out how to add products to your manual or automated collections, and troubleshoot why your existing collection is not including your products.




When you navigate to Products > Collections and select the option to Create Collection, you will be prompted to select a manual or automated collection for your online store. 






Depending on the collection type you choose will determine the next steps to adding your products to your newly created collection. 


  • A manual collection will allow you to include a specific number of products that you choose. The collection will always contain the same amount of products unless you choose to add or remove them. 


  • Using an automated collection will let you set up matching conditions and your products will automatically be added to the collection. You can create up to 60 selection conditions and specify whether products need to match all or any conditions to be included in the section


Adding products to a manual collection


You can add products to a manual collection by navigating to the manual collection and viewing the Products section. Here you can manage the existing products in the collection and you will have the option to Browse existing products to be added.






If you would like to have your products displayed in a specific order, you can change the sort option in which your products are displayed. Once you have added or changed the products within the manual collection, be sure to save the changes made. 


If you cannot find a product listed in the manual collection, select the Browse option and search for the missing product. 






Another method to add your product to a manual collection is to navigate to your Products and select the product that you would like to add. Use the Product Organization section to add the product to the corresponding manual collection.





Adding products to an automated collection


You can create conditions for an automated collection, you have the choice to make one or more in the Conditions and allow your products to be automatically added to the collection. You also have the option to add products to the automated collection by meeting all conditions or any conditions.


The condition section will also display any conditions that you have already created. 






Add a condition to include a product in the collection based on the product’s title, variant title, type or vendor. You can set up a condition that will add products if they have a specific product tag, or have a condition based on price, weight or inventory stock.


Select the type of condition you want from the second drop-down list to control how a product needs to match the condition value that you enter in the third field. 


Note: The value that you enter is case sensitive. Be sure to enter in the exact characters in order to include the product in the automated collection.


Collection Availability 


To have your collection displayed on your online store, you will need to make sure that the collection is available to your online store. You can check the Collection availability to see which sales channels the collection will be available on. 






Now that you have created a collection and added your products, you will need to be sure your customers can find and view it on your online store. Add the collection to your online store sections by using the Theme Editor, or you can add the collection directly to the navigation bar to allow your collections to be viewable. 


Add the collection to a section of your online store


If you are wanting to add your collection to the online store sections, navigate to the Theme Editor and select Add Block. You can add the sections Collection List or Featured Collection to add the collection to the online store directly. 





Add the collection to the navigation of your online store


If you are wanting to add your collection to the navigation bar, you will need to make your way to the Navigation (Online Store > Navigation). Select on the menu that you want to add the collection to. 






You can add the collection by selecting the Add menu item option. You can then add the name of the collection and collection link.






Once you have entered in the collection name and link, be sure to save the changes made. Now you can make your way back to your online store to see the changes made. Remember you can change the display order of menu items.


Let us know if you have any questions about finding products in your collection or adding the collection directly to your online store. 

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