Introduction to Shopify Sales Channels

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Sales channels on Shopify are various platforms where you can sell your products and connect with customers. Using sales channels for your online store can strengthen your brand and increase your customer base.


What are Sales Channels


Shopify allows you to sell products on various online sales channels that you can connect to your store. As a result, you can enhance your customer support, customize your branding and sync your product inventory with other platforms.


These sales channels include the following:


Please note that the availability of specific sales channels may vary based on your location and Shopify plan.  

Benefits of using Sales Channels


Shopify enables you to manage all your sales channels directly from your internal dashboard, allowing you to increase your sales opportunities and maintain a great brand consistency across social media platforms. 


Expand your business reach by connecting your online store with the sales channels that are available for your business. By linking these sales channels to your Shopify store, you can manage your products, orders and customers in a centralized location.


Leveraging Shopify’s range of sales channels, you can gain a competitive advantage over businesses that limit themselves to a single platform. Offering seasonal and promotional campaigns across multiple platforms create more of an opportunity to run targeted flash sales, or exclusive offers. This helps drive sales during peak shopping times and incentivizes customers to make purchases. 


Social proof can positively influence the potential of buyers with your brand. Providing your customers with social proof can give your customers an extra sense of security when completing their purchase. For example, Facebook and Instagram offer features that allow your customers to leave reviews, comments and ratings on your products. This is a great way to improve your customer satisfaction and build long-term relationships with customers. 


Each online store sales channel has its own dashboard that will allow you to see a detailed summary of the recent sales and traffic. You can view how a particular sales channel is performing by selecting the drop-down menu from your Shopify home


Overall, using the sales channels will empower you to reach more customers, streamline your workflow, increase sales and maintain a strong unified brand presence across online platforms. 

How to add Sales Channels


Each sales channel can quickly integrate with your online store. You can add sales channels directly to your Shopify dashboard by navigating to Settings > Apps and Sales Channels and selecting Visit Shopify App Store





Search for an available sales channel on the Shopify App Store and select Add App. This will allow you to quickly integrate the sales channel to your online store to begin the setup process.




Be sure to make yourself familiar with the specific requirements and guidelines for each sales channel to optimize your store and maximize sales.


With just a few clicks, Shopify allows you to connect your store to various platforms. Don’t miss out on the potential of reaching millions of potential customers through these channels. Start integrating your available sales channels and unlock new growth opportunities for your business. 

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