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It was a different type of Monday merchant meetup this time instead of a presentation we had a 90-minute discussion between Kiwi Shopify Merchants about Social media marketing in 2022. 


Nathan Frater from deserves a big thank you for allowing me to share his insights on social media marketing in 2022 with the group. Watch the video for his full thoughts. 


There were several brilliant insights he offered, but the two I wanted to highlight were: first, investing in paid media as your primary strategy is risky right now because the cost will only rise over time. Because you own email and SMS, try to figure out how to make your entire marketing approach email-driven. All of the other approaches are rented.

Secondly; focus on developing and implementing a strategy rather than specific tactics when it comes to marketing, particularly social media marketing. Platforms and algorithms change, as we've learned over the last two to three years. If you only use a tactic that works in one direction rather than an overarching plan, the tactic that previously worked may fail.


The conversation moved to TikTok and the proliferation of short-form videos as the winners for social media for 2022.  


Watch the recording


Questions and insights pulled from the meeting;


How does the cross over, work with Instagram reels vs tiktok? I don’t use tik tok but see lots of videos through instagram. I have signed up to tik tok as a business but haven’t don’t anything with it.


Business on Tiktok v’s “influencer”

Should I be a business on TikTok or should I build my community via a personal profile? 

It seems that you have got better access to trends if you are not a business. 


Anna from shared her social media marketing framework with us. Every social media post, whether organic or paid, is about her product. She is committing more time to her content, with a particular emphasis on cross-platform usability. She starts by writing care guides and instructional blogs. She then advertises her educational content on Facebook and Instagram, which is essentially a short summary of her blogs. Follows, shares and email signups are her major calls to action and what she tracks.


Jules from  wanted to know how to convert social media followers into email marketing subscribers:

  • Most people offered discounts and incentives a way to get email subscribers 
  • Dee from deesbees had an intriguing perspective: hold a social media sale, but emphasise that the discount is greater if you are an email subscriber, which encourages people to join her list.

Anna from described her method as follows:

  • Ask a question on stories that relate to your audience's pain or frustration. 
  • Follow up that story with a free educational product [digital downloads] that will alleviate the pain or provide a solution.
  • They will be directed to the website as a result of this.
  • A sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) or an incentive should be evoked by your email subscriber popup.


Asking open-ended questions on Social Media: 

These can lead to increased engagement, and the responses could provide as both a source of wonderful content or even new product ideas 


Methods for content ideas: 

  • Join Facebook groups that are focused on your niche and look for what your target audience is asking about on those forums. Use these questions for creating content that will engage your audience. 
  • Use the “ask me a question” filter on Instagram stories, then engage with your audience. 


Recommendations and Resources 


CapCut - Video Editor for TikTok 


Alex Hormozi - Free Courses for social media marketing


Learn how to make great performance content with the Profitable Growth with Shopify framework -


Merchants who attended: 

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