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The benefits of using Linkpop and how it differs from other link-in-bio tools

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff



In our social media era, your brand - whether it’s personal, professional or commercial - is one of your most valuable assets, and putting your best foot forward is fundamental to your success.

As social media platforms only let you add one link to your profile or bio page, a tool like Linkpop gets around this by creating a landing page that collects all your social accounts, podcasts, YouTube channels, merchandise, blog posts, NFTs, and lots more in a curated collection that’s easily accessible.

You don't need to be a Shopify store owner to use Linkpop because Linkpop is free for everyone to use! With one click, your visitors get the perfect introduction to who you and your brand are.


The best part is: you can do it all in seconds. Head to Linkpop, create a beautiful, custom link-in-bio page, click publish, and boom, you’re ready to go! Then, use Linkpop’s analytics to see how your page and links are performing.


If you are a storeowner, using Linkpop gives you seamless integration with your Shopify store to promote your products, convert more visitors into customers, and make more sales. 


How is it different to Linktree or Linkfolio?

1. Linkpop’s one-click shoppable links mean a faster, more convenient shopping experience for visitors.

As soon as your visitor clicks on the shoppable link, they get an option to add to cart and checkout right away. Other link-in-bio tools will have several steps to checkout, which leads to abandoned carts and loss of sales. 


2. LinkTree’s native Ecommerce offering is limited to digital goods (one time purchase and subscription). Linkpop ‘shoppable links’ supports a range of goods (physical, dropshipping, print on demand)


3. Linkpop’s completely free analytics provide data that can be used with your store analytics to give you more insight into your customer’s needs. 


How to set up Linkpop if you’re an existing merchant

So you want visitors to be able to buy your products through your Linkpop? Easy! First, connect Linkpop to your store:

  1. From the Linkpop admin page, click Add Shoppable link.
  2. In the Shoppable links window, click Take me to my store.
  3. In the Log in to your Shopify store window, enter your URL, and click Log in. Your Shopify admin loads.
  4. On the You are about to add Linkpop page, click Add sales channel.
  5. Click Go to Linkpop to complete your setup.

You’re connected! Now all you need to do is create shoppable links to include in your Linkpop. 


How to set up Linkpop if you do not use Shopify


Don’t have a Shopify account and don’t want to sell products? Not a problem! There’s tons of ways you can build an online presence and plenty of reasons to do so too. Here’s how to create your Linkpop landing page.  


How to provide feedback on Linkpop


Our support staff are eager to hear any comments or questions you may have about Linkpop. So simply reach out to us through our Help Center and we look forward to listening to your feedback.