Using AI in the Shopify Community

Shopify Staff



We love AI and think it's a great way for people to learn and build on their current knowledge, unfortunately, AI generated replies have been creating a poor experience for our members. 


Since the introduction of AI tools we’ve seen a significant increase in the amount of AI generated replies. These replies are often vague, misleading or incorrect and do not take into account the nuances of running an online business, or how the Shopify ecosystem works. 


While some members may find these replies helpful, the majority of our community members have made it clear they do not. For this reason, we are asking all members to be mindful when using AI tools. Our Community Guidelines have been updated to reflect this with a note, “No 100% AI-generated responses, please.”


Going forward, our moderation team will start removing posts that appear to be 100% AI generated, lacking context, or providing generic high-level info. We will notify you when content is removed and if repeated infractions occur a temporary ban will be applied followed by a permanent ban should further violations occur. 


We understand however that some valid, human generated replies may be incorrectly removed as AI. In situations like this we ask for your understanding and patience and to respond to the post removal email advising how the post was created so we can discuss further.  



We also encourage anyone who feels AI is being used in a less than helpful manner to notify the Moderation team using the Report option shown on all posts.

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