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Using the Fraud Filter App to protect your Online Store

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff



Whether you’re just getting started with your business or you’re a seasoned online store owner, protecting yourself against fraudulent orders and enhancing loss prevention strategies should always be a priority. 


Our in-house fraud prevention system is one of the best in the industry. We work with banks, credit card companies, Internet Service Providers and more to pin down fraud and classify orders after a complete fraud analysis


Even so, having an extra layer of protection is never a bad idea. Think: Setting a house alarm after locking the front door.


That’s where our app comes into play! Fraud Filter is a free application developed and supported by Shopify. Fraud filter allows you to create custom tripwires with rule-based functionality.


Using the rules you define, Fraud Filter can either notify you of potentially suspicious orders, or cancel them automatically.


Rules can be organized into the following categories: 


  • General
  • Payment Details
  • Billing Address 
  • Shipping Address
  • Client and Customer

Once you specify the rule, you can choose defining qualities for it and determine the action that the app will take (cancel or flag the order). The filter will act on the order only if all of these rules match.


So what might some use cases for these rules be? 


Let’s say you have noticed suspicious activity from a certain email address, or you’d like to prevent all orders ending in a particular domain. Using rules we can set this up as such:




Steps to Creating a Rule:


  1. Choose a rule name
  2. Create one rule, or add several
  3. Pick an optional action

Rules can be incredibly diverse. After picking a category, you can further define conditional logic with these options:




Did you know?


In addition to the examples listed above, Fraud Filter can also protect your business by:


  • Restrict checkout to only certain customers.
  • Prevent customers from a particular referring site from ordering.
  • Prevent certain brands of credit cards from checking out.

How will you know one of your tripwires was crossed? 


Regardless of whether Shopify's fraud analysis is warning of potential fraud or not, you will see a notification in the order's risk analysis section that Fraud Filter detected potentially fraudulent activity. 


This will be shown in the fraud analysis section with a clear indication that one of the rules set up in the application was triggered by the order. Here’s what that will look like: 




Note: “Fraud Filter does not guarantee coverage against chargebacks and Shopify is not liable for any chargebacks occurred on our platform. You are responsible for costs that are associated with chargebacks.”


If you’re interested in learning more about our app and other supported features, please check out our comprehensive documentation at this link


We trust this information was helpful, but if any questions come up our 24/7 Support team is always available and ready to help.