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Thank you to everyone who participated in our AMA with Klaviyo. It was great to see so many questions about the Klaviyo <> Shopify integration.

Special thank you to Chloe of Klaviyo and Megan for providing detailed answers to these questions and passing along valuable insights into the integration.

Let’s take a look at the questions that were asked and answered in the video reply. 


Q: I sell skincare products and want to create a workflow that sends an email to my existing customers. A reminder to stock up on the products they have purchased in the past. I would like the emails to populate those products. For example: " Are you running low on your [blank] cleanser? (shows a picture of the product they purchased before) buy today so you don't run out". I'm hoping I can find a way to do this. Any ideas?


A: This sounds like a replenishment flow would meet your goal. This kind of a flow can nurture customers at different points in their life cycles if you're selling products that your customers purchase repeatedly within a certain timeframe. This Klaviyo Community post provides a few more details. 


You might also consider creating a cross-sell flow. This kind of flow allows you to follow up with customers to try to cross-sell or upsell similar or related products after they make a purchase. would also encourage you to join our Health & Beauty Industry Group as well. In that group you’ll find others to bounce ideas off of. 


Q: @Willkaate asked, I want to collect subscriber emails through a Klaviyo pop up on my store but use a pdf download as bait to collect the emails. How do I do that using Klaviyo?


A: You can collect subscribers through a sign-up form and promote a downloadable resource. Basically you can put a URL to redirect subscribers after clicking the button. In the “After Submit” field select “Go to URL” and in the “Destination URL” put the URL of your e-Book or downloadable resource. This Klaviyo Community post provides more details about this topic. 


Q: Is it possible to see the UTM campaign name on Shopify Report?


A: Yes, you can see the UTM campaign name in Shopify’s “Sales Attributed to Marketing” report (filter marketing campaign > select UTM campaign name). 


Q: I tried to send a birthday email using flow, but there is no birthday in the trigger. I have birthday data using a Shopify metafield. Can I pass this birthday data to Klaviyo and use it in the flow? I would like to know how to add birthdays. Thank you in advance for your help.


A: You can pass birthday information via a custom tag and create a segment based on the tag or download birthdays from Shopify and upload the CSV to Klaviyo. 


Q: How often is data from Shopify updated in Klaviyo?


A: When new changes are made to your specified Klaviyo profiles (after any initial backfill), these will be reflected in Shopify within 30 minutes of a change being made in Klaviyo, though most changes should reflect within a minute.


Thanks again to all who participated in our third Community AMA of 2023. You can watch the video reply from Chloe and Megan on our Klaviyo AMA thread


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