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If you're a customer of a store you believe to be using Shopify and you see the "Store Unavailable" error, then please refer to FAQ: Your Online Order.


My store is unavailable / I’m locked out of my store


When attempting to log into your store, or attempting to sign into the Shopify Help Center you see the following error:



Possible causes may include:



Due to security reasons, Shopify staff supporting the Shopify Community are unable to access your store as they are unable to verify your information. Contacting Shopify Support is the only way to resolve this issue. 


If you have a ticket created with Shopify Support


A ticket is when contact has been made between you and our support team. In some cases, our support team will have reached out to offer support or request information from you. Please check your inbox, spam folders and email filters, to see if a member of our team has reached out. Each ticket has a ticket number (#) which you can reference it with, for example, #12345678


  • If yes, continue discussing this with the support agent on this ticket.
  • If no, please follow the steps in the section below.


What can I do next?



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