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Our Design Policy states that if you're using a free theme from Shopify, then our Support team might be able to help you with supported tutorials and other small changes. Although Shopify can help you with many customizations, some kinds of customizations aren't supported.


If you're on the Basic Shopify plan or higher, then you can receive 60 minutes of complimentary design support. After you contact our Support team and outline your request, you can expect to receive a status update within 2-4 business days.


Our team tracks the time that they spend on each theme modification request that you make. If you use the entire 60 minutes of complimentary support, then you can hire a Shopify expert for further help. You can check out other support options in Additional resources for theme support.


Supported Customization Examples


Outlined below are some simple general guidelines that can be followed when determining whether or not a request may be supported. Of course, there can be exceptions to every rule, but the majority of these instances would be supported. The following points only apply to content that has not been added via a Rich Text Editor.


Text adjustments (excluding navigation)


  • Moving descriptions to a different location on product or collection pages
  • Adding an editable text and/or link setting (i.e. adding custom text to the header, footer, or product page)
  • Changing how prices display, such as which variant price displays by default, adding "From" before prices, or changing a save amount to a save percentage and vice versa
  • Adjusting text alignment or justification, or styling, i.e. making text bold, italic, underline, etc. As mentioned above, we can only make changes that are not controlled through the Rich Text Editor.
  • Changing text, or adding a text setting, for text built into the theme
  • Moving product/collection titles above or below images in product/collection sections

Image adjustments


  • Adding a custom image with an image picker
  • Increasing the height of banner images on Collection pages

Color adjustments


  • Adding a color setting that extends beyond the robust color settings that already exist within the theme
  • Adding a color setting specifically for the add to cart button
  • Changing colors in the navigation, such as drop-downs or specific links
  • Other examples may include product prices, page headers, or footer background/text

Layout adjustments


  • Adjusting how many products display per row on collection pages
  • Adjusting how many products display per page (max 50 products)
  • Changing the order of items that display in the header (including centering the header logo) e.g. moving the cart and search icons around.

Button adjustments


  • Creating custom button settings (adding buttons to new areas) e.g. changing the Add to Cart button to a Price on Request button that brings a customer to a contact page
  • Adjusting existing button sizes (making buttons larger or smaller)
  • Replacing the Add to Cart button with a different link (such as Contact)
  • Icon adjustments - Adding additional payment icons to the footer, adding additional social media icons
  • Whitespace adjustments

Hiding elements (with a setting to show/hide)


  • Hiding static elements (elements that don't have the option to show/hide)
  • Hiding the search and cart icons in the header
  • Hiding the titles on collection pages when a banner is present
  • Hiding the add to cart button (perhaps for a pre-launch merchant)

NOTE: Shopify’s Theme Support Team can also often create settings if you would like to hide certain elements on the desktop only, or only on Mobile.


Alternate product/collection/page/blog templates


  • Replacing the add to cart button, but only on some product pages
  • Hiding the quantity selector, but only on some product pages
  • Adding a contact form, but only on some collection pages
  • Showing the author, but only on some blog pages



  • Making form items such as phone number or name, or cart notes, required/mandatory
  • Adding placeholder text to form fields
  • Adding fields to contact forms

Please note that while the Theme Support Team may be able to adjust form fields, the Email field cannot be removed because of some limitations hardcoded in our core platform and so, we will not be able to remove the Email field for you.


Supported Tutorials


We also have a number of Theme Code Customization Tutorials that the Theme Support Team can assist with if you do not feel confident implementing it yourself. When editing the CSS of your theme it is always a good idea to duplicate your theme first and make the changes on the duplicate. This will prevent any errors from occurring on your live site. Here is a list of our current Supported tutorials:


Product Pages:


Collection Pages:








Online Store:


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