Bundle is lost and expanded when page refreshed on upgraded checkout

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Hey all,

We're seeing a strange issue for a recently upgraded checkout that wants to utilize bundles (using "Shopify bundles" app). 

We've upgraded the checkout a week or so ago and installed the Shopify bundles app. Everything works well and you can complete an order - and it's reported as a bundle. Awesome.

However, if you interacted with the legacy checkout page before the migration it doesn't work as expected. You can check out fine but if you refresh the checkout page (or go back to the store) the bundle is lost. It gets split to the individual line items and it uses that price (not the bundle price).

If you look at localStorage it has "sessionType = cart" when it has this broken behaviour. When it works (i.e if you try in incognito mode or clear cookies) it has "sessionType = cartNext". Clearing that session value gets reset so doesn't seem to work.

Also, in the case where it works as expected "/cart.js" returns "has_components=true" for a bundled line item wh but "has_components=false" when it doesn't.  When it's "false" it still renders as a single item in the cart and in the API response as expected - it's only when you navigate to the checkout where it really breaks.

This one is bit specific, but has anyone experienced anything like this one? We're hoping things will fix itself after the cart/checkout tokens expire and new tokens are generated.

Ideally we would like to get the bundles up and running before then if possible.

Thanks for your help! 😄

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