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Bundles and webhooks

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I'm looking into using Bundles app in our stores but it looks like there is no webhook even for when product was added or removed from a bundle. "product/update" is only being triggered when I update properties such as description or name. Is there something I'm missing or such event does not exist?

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I understand the frustration. This may happen when some of the bundled products has been changed and it didn’t sync with the app due to Shopify API delay. You can try to open the bundle for editing, and even without changing anything, press Save. If nothing helps, you should contact app's support.

However, if this continues to be an issue, you might want to consider using another app!
I recommend MBC Bundles & Volume Discount, which is designed to handle updates in real-time across all product properties without these limitations. This could save you time and ensure a smoother workflow.