Shopify Bundles products are turned to draft automatically?

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One of my users is using the Shopify Bundles app and our app BYOB together. Occasionally the Shopify bundles products are turned from active to draft automatically. Shopify support said that there might be a conflict between my app and Shopify Bundles. But I don't see any reason here.


Why is it happening?


From the eligibility requirements,

For fixed bundles, the status is set to draft and the bundle isn't published to the Online Store sales channel

It looks like the reason. But I don't understand why is there an eligibility issue here.


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Hi Jam_chan,


Just to confirm, this is only happening with stores that have the Shopify bundles app installed and your app - and the Shopify app is setting bundles to "draft" that are not connected with bundles created through your app? 

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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My user reported the issue to me. Yes, the store is using both the Shopify Bundles app and my app. I can't see the store activity log so I can't confirm which app turns the bundle products to draft. However, I don't think they are turned to draft by my app.


Also, I can't reproduce the same issue in my dev store which has both apps.

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This is happening to me too. I need it to stop, because the bundle product is my best selling product. If it goes to draft intermittently, I am potentially losing money each and every time!

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This is also happening to us. Bundles randomly turn to draft automatically. It started happening after we adjusted the pricing on a few items.

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Same here. Any idea how to fix this?

It's so annoying!

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I had to recreate the bundle. But it only helped for a little while. Check
to see if you have other products in draft status alongside your bundle.
Recently I made all of my products in draft ‘active’ and I have experienced
the issue. It’d been about a week and half.

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