2 OrderAgreements for a single order

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Why would be a reason why an order has 2 OrderAgreeements instead of 1.

To clarify, we do understand that there can be several OrderEditAgreement or RefundAgreement, however we were under the impression that only a single OrderAgreement could exist (per order).

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Hi ClementBR,


There might be two OrderAgreements for a single order in a few scenarios:

  1. Transactions: If the order is broken into multiple transactions (for example, if different items in the order are charged separately or at different times), each transaction may have its own OrderAgreement.

  2. Updates to the Order: If there are changes or updates to the order post-placement, a new OrderAgreement could be created. This is different from an OrderEditAgreement, which is specifically about edits to the order, not necessarily changes to the agreement terms.

  3. Multi-Seller Marketplace: In a multi-seller marketplace scenario, each seller might have their own OrderAgreement.

It's important to note that these are potential reasons. The exact reason would depend on the specific context of the order and what integrations are connected to it. 

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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Thanks @Liam for your response.

I get the gist, although it's still a bit confusing. Maybe some additional documentation would help.