409 Conflict response when creating Shopify Transaction

409 Conflict response when creating Shopify Transaction

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I am using Python's shopifyapi v7.0 package to interact with the Shopify APIs,
when trying to create a void transaction in Shopify I get an error code of 409 with the msg of Conflict, and that is it no other information provided.


this is the code snippet:




tx = shopify.Transaction.create({"kind": "void", "order_id": order.id})




Please note that the error reproducing is so inconsistent, meaning sometimes its working fine without trowing any error


Did anyone face this issue before or a similar issue, any help would be deeply appreciated

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I am also using Python API and I get this error. Do you know what 409 error means? It happens recently after I upgrade to the 2023-10 API version

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Hi, I'm getting the same error trying to perform a transaction on an order after the order creation webhook invocation.

This is the error I'm getting:
"Error: Received an error response (409 Conflict) from Shopify:\nIf you report this error, please include this id: 20d3d4cf-e2ae-45a6-aa8a-f5869f0396a3"

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Hello, We're seeing this type of error response from the REST API as well. The rest body would sometimes contain 'error code: 1018' or ;error code: 1038' with no other details.

Just curious, when you get these errors do you retry the webhook call? If you do, is it successful the next time?