Add Customer Information to Checkout Completed Custom Pixels Event

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Pixles for Google and Meta can better acquire new customers if we are able to provide them with conversion information on the LTV of who we are acquiring. In the checkout.liquid that was possible via the customer object, but that is missing / not accessible here:


The ask, is to get customer information on order count (inclusive of the current order) and if possible their customerLifetimeValue (ideally subtotal based, excluding shipping/taxes) accessible in the web-pixels-api for checkout_completed.


A more sophisticated implementation would be to have the actual customer.orders array, so we can do advanced "new customer" tagging (for example, Google treats a new customer as someone who hasn't purchased in the last 540 days).

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Hi Jordan,


Would you need access to this property/ data in order to display custom content on post-purchase pages for specific customers, or is this more for analysis after sales are made?

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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Hi Liam, this is not for custom UI, but purely to send the data via the Settings>Customer Events>Custom Pixel to 3rd party pixels so they can better target/acquire new customers.

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Is there any way access customer data in a custom pixel? I have a similar use case. I have a checkout_completed event where a 3rd party requires the customers order size to determine if they're a new or existing customer. Is this possible?