Adding individualized message to each customer in Order confirmation email using API

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I want to add a individualized message to each client, at the top or bottom of Shopify Order Confirmation emails. How can I do this through API?

The message is a html message within a <p></p> tag, but I can make it a simple text message as well. The important thing is it is unique to each customer. 


On June 4, I want to include "Happy British Independence day" to my customer(s) in UK

On July 4,  I want to include "Happy Fourth of July" to my customer(s) in US

Appreciate any pointers!



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The interesting aspect of this is that you have access to the templates for order confirmation emails. And Liquid. An order has customers, and so you have access to that. Customers typically have addresses, and so you very likely have access to their country. Now you can make a decision in Liquid to change the phrase in the confirmation based on the customer's country. A simple {% if %} statement should do. There is no need for an App or API calls. Just customize the Liquid in the templates.


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