API for fetching orders in the returned state

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Hi guys,

We are creating a private app for our Shopify store as a part of which we will need to fetch orders from Shopify via API. We could not find any documentation around how to get orders on which a return has been created on Shopify, but we tested out the following API and it seemed to return the expected orders.

GET /admin/api/2021-07/orders.json?return_status=in_progress

Since it is not supported by documentation, we wanted to confirm if we can actually use this to fetch orders on which a return has been created. If not, what would be the best way to fetch these orders?

We saw that we get an orders/update webhook when a return is created on an order, but we did not receive any information in the webhook to indicate a return had been created on the order.

Would be great if you could help us with this!

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Shopify Partner
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What I found is Shopify just set return tag on order,when customer return item

return_status=in_progress means customer have a return and us have been start process it