API is serving the wrong shipping rates

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We want to reduce our abanadoned carts so we are using the following app to display shipping rates in the cart.


It works for our Australian store which is our primary market however we also sell in South Africa, New Zealand and USA. Our store is https://nanonutrients.health


It displays the wrong rate in all non-primary markets.


The app developer investigated for us. They use the following API endpoints to get the shipping rates from Shopify.



Using South Africa as an example, we have a set 'Standard Rate' of R114 (South African Rand). This converts to approximately $9.27 Australian dollars.


Instead of presenting the rate as R114, Shopify API is presenting it as $9.27 and then the cart displays it in South African Rand so the rate ends up displaying as R9.27


The app developer took the attached screen shots to show that they are using the correct API request for the shipping rate but Shopify is displaying the wrong rate.


How can this be fixed? We are paying $399 a month for our Shopify subscription and are disappointed that it is malfunctioning like this but hope Shopify can treat this fault seriously and address it quickly.



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Shopify Staff
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Hey @NanoDan 


Thanks for the detailed info. Please have the app developer reach out via their Partner Dashboard >  Support and include this information. This will connect them with an API support specialist who can investigate further.



Scott | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 

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Thanks Scott - will do.