API total price different from actual total price

API total price different from actual total price

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Ran into a strange issue today. In the admin orders console as well as the payout included the actual total of $135.76 but in the API, it reports $135.77. Is this a bug? I'm guessing there's a rounding issue in the APIs currency conversion logic that's different from the rest of the Shopify system.


Admin Orders Console:



API Response:




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Experiencing something similar. Using the REST Api - I create an order and use a price of $3.183 for a line item. Quantity is 10. $3.183 * 10 = $31.83. Shopify displays it as $31.80. The Api is rounding the price before it does the total calculation. Thus my orders in Shopify dont match orders in the originating system. This is an issue Shopify team!