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Hello, does anyone have experience with setting up or programming Shopify APIs and completing orders.
We would like to automatically complete orders via the Shopify API.

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It's not clear what you mean by "complete" as that means different things during the checkout/order/fulfillment process

... XYproblem - What is the goal or example use case?


If by "complete" you mean fulfillment and need to learn to develop fulfillment apps then see the dev docs



If you are not a developer and you just need to automate the orders process use one of the automation apps available on the app store.

Mechanic is a go to for this https://apps.shopify.com/mechanic , if you want slightly more granular api control without having to build an entire app stack as it lets you script in liquid & json.

Example order automations https://tasks.mechanic.dev/?tags=Orders  , https://tasks.mechanic.dev/?tags=Fulfillment 



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