Can We Automatically Create Order Draft Based Upon Trigger or Workflow?

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We have a Shopify store integrated with Hubspot. We work with 15 different license types. When a new customer is created in Hubspot, we would like Shopify to automatically send them an order draft based upon their license type. License Type is listed in TAG field but we can change if needed. We want Shopify to send one of 15 different order drafts or it could create the draft on the fly based upon the license type. We would also be sending the same draft another 2 times in a workflow. If easier, I could create 15 different drafts for each license or they would be created on the fly. Webhook would need to import customer info and license type (Tag field) into the draft and to send it. We will also be sending that same draft two more times to the new contact. Please let me know if you can do this.

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Not a native behavior, even shopify-flow doesn't have a create-draft action; though their is the send-http-request action for very advanced usage.


Generally solved with an automation app or service; like mechanic or mesa, or zapier or make.

The Mechanic app can be scripted for a scenario like this 


However what you describe relies heavily on where data actually exists.

Just because something happens in an external platform Hubspot does not mean there's anything to react to in shopify by third party apps/services.

The TAG would have to be a customer.tag on the customer in the shopify customers admin.

So it might be important for the app/service itself to have it's own custom webhooks or integration.


Mesa has an integration with hubspot, mechchanic has webhooks and email ingest  


If you need this explored then contact me directly by email for services.
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