Cancel Order API from scratch

Cancel Order API from scratch

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I want to use cancel order API but as i am new to shopify and its API call i m not able to find how and from where in shopify can i call this API . I have went through the documentation provided for the cancel order API but my doubt is as the cancel order API is an admin API , i am not able to fetch json data through POST request . I m able to fetch data when i call GET request API for order.

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Hi @hitshraj 


The steps would be the following: 

1. Find the order ID you want. Either through the API (GET) or in the admin

2. do a POST to /admin/api/2020-01/orders/#{order_id}/cancel.json where #{order_id} is replaced by the actual order ID


Also please see all the requirements for the order to be canceled:

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.