Cancel Order API Issue - Between Shopify & External Connectors

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Hi Team,

I am looking to get our stock feed that is currently being sent to our connector in Zedonk (our inventory tracking system). The reason is because when Items are cancelled via our market place partner Farfetch Shopify is not reporting properly to Zedonk to restock the cancelled item. So we want to have a look at this feed to check against the variables/requirements Zedonk needs to restock properly.


shopify stock history.JPG


zdonk stock.JPG


You can see on the first screenshot the stock coming out and back into Shopify but on Zedonk screenshot there's only a stock adjustment -1 and no +1. I have been told before by yourselves that the restocking needs to be done manually on Shopify as automated cancellations/returns done via an external import doesn't work because the restock button needs to be manually ticked and processed as in the screenshot below. However we want to make sure this is happening automatically. (But then there's the issue of restocking due to customer changing their mind or payment failure or cancelled due to no stock, which we don't want the item to be re-stocked).


restock shopify button.JPG




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Hey @GabrielCP ,

For a scenario like this, Zedonk would want to have their app create a webhook subscription for something like inventory levels/update, so that they can perform an adjustment whenever Farfetch restocks an item. This is important, because Shopify only sends information to 3rd party apps that those 3rd party apps specifically request - if the Zedonk app doesn't have a webhook subscription or is not polling for these inventory adjustments via REST or GraphQL, then Shopify would not send this information over. 

There are upsides and downsides to both methods - webhooks are useful in that they automatically send the inventory adjustment data to your app without you having to specifically request it, the downside being that it'll do this for any adjustment, rather than just those associated with Farfetch or another specific utility.

Polling via REST/GraphQL allows your app to request just the info it wants (especially w/ GraphQL), but this is not automated through Shopify - any automation here would need to be built through Zedonk's app.

So there are some solutions here to ensure that Zedonk is receiving those missing adjustments, but the majority of the legwork will need to be done from their end in order to ensure that the data is requested in a way that best serves their use case.

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