Create an app that add a new shipment method for our client

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I work for a shipping company for which a client has requested the creation of a Shopify application/extension. This application should enable our client to integrate our service into the shipping methods on their site, providing cost estimates using our API.

Could you explain the different steps to follow? I found in your documentation a resource called 'CarrierService' to add a new shipping method. Is this what I should focus on? If so, our API requires access keys that are not mentioned in the documentation. How can we establish access for these keys?

Thank you for your time and consideration. I wish you a great day.

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Hi Drivet,

CarrierService is indeed one of the resources you might need to use for enabling your client to integrate custom shipping services into their store. While the documentation might not mention access keys explicitly, these are usually provided when you spin up your app and are used to authenticate your API requests. 


To get started, you can use the Shopify CLI to generate a boilerplate app, and then request the scopes you need, install the app on a development store, and start making API calls to create carrier services. 


Hope this helps!

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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Hi Liam,


I have create an app with the Shopify CLI, i answer the questions finally, i have link my app to my store. Now i don't understand the part "Start making API calls to create carrier_services", it is possible to share explains and code sample please?