Creating a collect voucher feature on product pages that auto applies

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Hi Shopify Community,


I'm in the process of enhancing my Shopify store and would greatly appreciate your expertise and guidance on implementing a feature similar to Amazon's "Collect Voucher" for displaying and applying discounts on product pages. I have explored various plugins, but i want something where users can click and collect a range of vouchers to apply discounts. 


 I have a solid understanding of HTML and CSS and am actively learning JavaScript and Liquid  to gain more proficiency in Shopify development.


Here's a brief overview of the steps I'm planning to take:

  1. Create discount codes for vouchers within the Shopify admin.
  2. Customize product pages to show available vouchers and a "Collect Voucher" button.
  3. Capture user interactions and link collected vouchers to user accounts.
  4. Generate unique discount codes for collected vouchers.
  5. Automatically apply these discounts in the cart during checkout.
  6. Implement code to manage voucher expiration and removal.
  7. Develop a user dashboard for users to view their collected vouchers and applied discounts.
  8. Ensure that the code does not bug and generate wrong discounts etc. 

Considering my current skillset and my goal to implement this feature on my own, I'd like to ask for your advice on the following:

  • Are there any specific programming languages or technologies I should explore to effectively complete this project?
  • What are some best practices or resources I should keep in mind while working on this feature?
  • Do you have any code examples or references that could help me in my learning journey?

I'm committed to learning and growing my Shopify development skills, and I truly appreciate your support and insights.


Thank you in advance for your assistance!


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