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Custom - product discount

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I want to introduce a new product discount where if a customer buys a product, they can get the same one at 40% off on the next one. As soon as the customer adds to cart, the second product appears as a new line item with discounted prices. I have successfully created the code in Shopify Line Script and migrated to Shopify Functions as well. The app is deployed and installed but I see the below error every time I try to setup for testing. Please help me.



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Hey @Prasanth1


Just looking at the screenshot, that is more of a notice than an error message. The notice is just confirming that since the application is not a public application, that any support requests related to the app behaviour would need to go to the developers of the app. 


For context, many developers/partners will build custom apps for their clients, so this is a way to let the merchant know where to get support as the Shopify support teams won't have any of the context around how the custom app is intended to work. 


Hope that helps! 


- Kyle G. 

Developer Support @ Shopify
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