Customer Segment Discount Results in Error

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Customer segment discounts are no longer functional. Customers that are logged in to a client's storefront and tagged with a specific tag that is also used as a specific discount code results in the following error: "<discount code> is not available to you right now"


I have triple verified that the affected customer is tagged in the right segment group, that they are logged in, and that the discount segment is set up correctly. 


Shopify Support (ticket 42346104) responded with: 

"This is your Shopify Support Advisor. I hope this message finds you well. As promised, I've been working closely with our support team to address the issue you've been experiencing with customer segment discounts.
After a thorough review of your account, we've determined that the behavior you're observing is actually a known limitation of the discount by customer segment feature, rather than an error. I'd like to take a moment to explain this in more detail.
In our system, the validation of customer-specific discount codes is designed to occur after the shopper has entered their address and user information during the checkout process. This sequence is intentionally designed to ensure that the discount codes are applied accurately and fairly, based on the specific criteria set for each code.
Here's how it works: When a customer initiates the checkout process and enters a discount code, the system may initially accept the code and apply the discount to the order. This is because, at this early stage, the system has not yet verified the customer's eligibility for the discount.
However, as the customer proceeds with the checkout process and enters their shipping information, the system then validates the discount code against the customer's details. If the system determines that the customer does not meet the criteria for the discount, the previously applied discount is removed from the order.
At this point, the customer will see an error banner that reads "Discount code isn't available to you right now". This message is designed to inform the customer that the discount code they entered is not applicable to their current order, based on the information they provided.
This process is crucial in maintaining the integrity of our discount system, ensuring that discounts are only applied when the specified criteria are met. It's an essential part of our commitment to providing a fair and transparent shopping experience for all customers.
I hope this explanation provides a clear understanding of how customer-specific discount codes are validated in our system, Grace, and offers clarification on what is happening in your store.
I understand how important this functionality is for your business. As such, I'd be more than happy to submit a feature request to our developers to explore potential improvements to this feature in the future. We have a dedicated team that receives feedback on how the Shopify platform can be improved for our merchants, and it would be my pleasure to pass this along. If a similar feature request already exists, I can add your request to it – the more merchants that mention a feature, the more likely it is to be implemented.
I want to express my gratitude for your time and patience while we reviewed this matter, Grace. Your dedication to managing your store is commendable, and we are truly here to support you. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have other concerns, and we'll be more than happy to assist.
Thank you once again, and I wish you all the best in your business endeavors."


Which is not exactly helpful as they describe the functionality as it is intended to (and how it used to) work, and do not address the bug I encountered and describe above. 


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Hi @Grace_vM 
You can try using any discount app for allowing customer discount based on the Customer tag/group.

I am sharing some apps below you can try them. All of them offer discount based on the Customer Segment/Tags attached to there profile which can be seen once they login to the website on the Home Page, Product Page, Cart and Chekout along with the Label saying Wholesale customer, VIP customer. 

Discount Depot :-
Wholesale Pricing:-

Let me know if you find them suitable for your store.

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And if you want to customize or develop new feature on Theme or App.

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I just discovered this today. I spent an incredible amount of time testing and re-resting a discount I wanted to restrict to a customer segment to only find out the discount first applies and then validates and takes it away if the customer doesn't meet eligibility. That is absurd and unacceptable. I am beyond tired of being told "there's an app for that" for basic functionality. Why even give us the option AT ALL?