Does the Draft Orders API require Shopify Plus?

Does the Draft Orders API require Shopify Plus?

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Im trying to read up on the Draft Orders API and Google returned the following link as the top result:


The top of the article mentions that only merchants on the Shopify Plus plan can use apps with B2B features. Does this mean Draft Orders are only a B2B feature or can it be used with regular customers also? In which case would I still require Shopify Plus?


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Hello @nickjtooley 


Draft Orders is not limited to B2B customers, it can be used for any type of customer. However, the B2B features mentioned in the article are specific features designed for businesses, such as custom pricing, bulk discounts, and volume pricing.


To use the Draft Orders API, you don't need to be on the Shopify Plus plan. The API is available to all merchants on any Shopify plan. The mention of Shopify Plus in the article is related to the B2B features specifically, not to the Draft Orders API as a whole.

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