Doubt about Shopify's requirements for app development

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I am developing an application, that any user can install on their Shopify, and I have doubts about whether or not it meets the requirements. IT IS NOT A post-purchase checkout extensions, it is an app.
The idea is an application, that among other things show recommendations of products from other stores (that also have this application installed in their Shopify) both in the "order confirmation page"/"post purchase page", as well as in the "order confirmation email". It is like a "cross selling" but of products from other stores.

The initial idea is to show 3 products from 3 different stores, that is 9 different products.

My doubt comes when consulting the Shopify documentation,


where it says "Display a maximum of two consecutive upsell offers." My idea is to make a single offer of 3 products from 3 different stores.


Is it considered upsell? Actually Upsell is offering more expensive products instead of the one the customer is buying, I offer cross sell.


When you say two consecutive offers, do you mean products? If I offer at a glance 9 products from 3 stores, is it a single offer?

Or when it says consecutive, does it mean that if you offer 9 products from 3 different stores, and the customer buys one of them, you can offer it again at most another 9 products, thus making only two consecutive "Offers"?

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If your app adds content to the post-purchase page and recommends/redirects customers to a different store I believe that you will be breaking several points from (see 17. Post Purchase apps):


General requirements:

1. The app must redirect customers back to the order confirmation page after accepting a post-purchase request.

5. The post purchase functionality cannot be used to display promotions or advertisements. An exception to this rule is promotions for the merchant’s own store.


I have an app built on the post-purchase extension and the review was really strict.





Finally—Add variant descriptions to your products
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Our recommendations go on the thank you page, where you confirm your order. IT IS NOT A post-purchase checkout extensions, it is just a code inside the thank you page, recommending products from other Shopify merchants.


So thats why i think that the link you send me, doesn’t apply.


We won't recommend products from our own shop, but we ONLY RECOMMEND PRODUCTS from other Shopify stores, never external shops.

It is an UPSELL INSIDE Shopify, we redirect the customer to another Shopify merchants. Also we don't create another post-purchase page, we simply add an embed code with recommendations of other related products from other merchants in Shopify, inside the tank you page,.