Edited order infomation by Storefront API

Edited order infomation by Storefront API

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Does anyone know how to confirm the edited order infomation by storefront API  in below case ?


The order was edited manually to change the variation of the product according to the following.

1. Product A was removed from the order and Product B was added to the order.

2. The order was updated.

Since Product A and B are same price, there were no refunds and charge to customer.

The change was confirmed crrectly on the order console in shopify.


But this change was difficult to confirm at the order object obtained by the storefront API.

- total_line_items_price was same as the total of product A and B

- There are 2 line_items for Product A and B.

- financial_status was paid even the customer only paid for only one product.

- There were no discription about product removal and addition.

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Hey @kk29 


Unfortunately order edit information isn't available via any API.

Scott | Developer Advocate @ Shopify