Flexible Discount App

Flexible Discount App

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Hi, I am new here with Shopify. We are currently looking for apps that can accommodate our client's needs on the Discount Features. Such as :

  • Can create unique Coupon Code with massive upload (From excel or CSV)

  • Can be applied on specific products or collections

  • Discount X% at maximum certain amount, example : Disc. 10% Maximum Get $10 (Cap amount)

  • Example Buy 5 items get Discount 10%, Buy 10 items get Discount 15%

  • Amount transaction minimum like $10 get a coupon

In one single app. But if separate apps, that would be no problem. Thank you very much if there is someone can help me 🙂

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Hi Mraedi,


You might be able to achieve what you're looking for, using my app, Regios Automatic Discounts.


Here's how it can meet your needs:


  1. Unique coupon codes - I'm assuming that the reason you're looking for unique codes, is that each coupon applies to only one person? If so, then with my app, you won't even need unique codes, because the discount applies automatically to specific customers you select.
  2. Specific products or collections - Regios Automatic Discounts supports limiting discounts to specific products, collections, or even variants.
  3. Buy 5 items get Discount 10%, Buy 10 items get Discount 15% - it sounds like what you're looking for are quantity breaks, where you can apply a different discount amount depending on how many items your customer purchased. If so, then you can achieve this using my app's "volume discount" feature.
  4. Amount transaction minimum - Regios Automatic Discounts supports adding a minimum order subtotal, or minimum quantity.

If you have any questions, reply in this thread, and I'll be happy to answer.