Get Gross Returns, Discount Returned, Net Returns, etc from API

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Our company has a data warehouse that pulls in data from Shopify's various APIs (Orders, Refunds, Transactions, etc)

We are attempting to create a view in our database that requires information that is available in Shopify Admin > Analytics >  Reports > Finances Summary > Sales > Returns (example at bottom)

This report breaks down all refunds on orders by line item and shipping line. It has the following columns we are interested in: Gross returns, Discount returned, Net returns, Taxes returned, Shipping returned, Total returns. 

The problem is that these fields are not readily available for calls on any Shopify API. They will need to be calculated by various fields from what I can tell.

Does anyone know how Shopify calculates these fields?

Thank you! 🙂


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Our company is also trying to do the same thing and having some difficulty. Hopefully Shopify support responds soon!