Gift Cards: Charge X, but Provide Y feature?!

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Good evening Shopify- I want to charge a product for $100 as a gift card product, but for it to only send the customer $50. I was just on chat with a Shopify Support Advisor and they recommended I do a post on here in hopes a developer/someone would know how to accomplish this?

My product I'm selling is a $100 program (through a gift card product) that I want when the customer orders it to only send the customer $50 (because the other $50 is provided in value through coaching).


Let me know- any help is genuinely appreciated!

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Hey @streignth, my app iziGift can do the opposite, charge $50 and send $100. I can update it to do send $50 charge $100 if you would like to do that. Feel free to download the app and message me. More than willing to help.