How to add custom/additional information in customer timeline (customers - Admin Side)?

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We are trying to create a "Call Log Activity" for customers and for this, we have to use something called Shopify timeline activity, the same as when I changed a phone number from contact information and it's created an activity in the timeline as "You changed this customer's phone from +1877XXXXXXX to +1877XXXXXXX."





I haven't found any API for this and tried to use the comment with a message (You changed this customer's phone from +1877XXXXXXX to +1877XXXXXXX) and other variables but it tells me that mutation timelineCommentCreate doesn't exist on the 'Mutation' type.


I tried the metafield but it only appears as an input text field, when a value is added it remains in that input field, not displaying in the activity or as an activity log.



I just want to create a call activity in the timeline, Is there anything you can help? any custom section or block to create? or what?custo

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